Summer School

The District is committed to providing academic services to students this summer.  Whether students are trying to finish existing courses, are needing to repeat a course, or are wanting to get into an advanced course this fall, summer school options will be available through Remote Learning.

Summer School Dates:  Classes will be held Monday - Thursday from 8:00 am - 1:00 pm.  There will be no school on Fridays.
First Semester:  June 8 - June 25, 2020
Second Semester: June 29 - July 16, 2020

Student Attendance:
Attendance will be taken twice daily to ensure that students are engaging with the course and connecting with his/her teacher.  Students are expected to meet with the teacher every day for the twelve (12) days.  Because there is more student independent work built into remote learning, students cannot miss a day of instruction.

Course Expectations:
Students will join a Google Classroom set up by the teacher of the course.  Every morning, students are to log into a Google Meet by 8:00 am.  Instruction will occur at this time along with the delivery of activities, assignments and/or assessments for the day.  Students will then rejoin the Google Meet at 12:30 pm to review the objectives of the day and to prepare for the next day's lesson.  The teacher may hold additional Google Meets throughout the day, as needed, for the purpose of: 1) providing direct instruction; 2) engaging students in a discussion; and/or 3) providing feedback to the class.  The teacher will also provide feedback to students throughout the class using tools within the Google Classroom.

Letter grades will be awarded to students in all courses, except the elective course of Civics and the Math Booster course.  A student may take Civics with a Pass/Grade option.  The Math Booster Course is not for credit but is an opportunity to prepare students to enroll in an honors math class this fall.  Students are expected to meet, at minimum, twice a day with the teacher, as attendance will be taken at these times.  Because students are in session for only twelve (12) days, disengagement or failure to complete assignments/assessments will result in either the student being dropped from the course or result in a failing grade.  

Parents wishing to enroll their student in a course should contact Ed Lipowski, Summer School Director at: or at 1-219-525-7423.  Payments can be made online through your student's home school website.  The link can be found under "Parent Resources" - "AP & Summer School Payments."  The cost for each course is $145.