Paper.Co tutoring helps students 24/7

Paper.Co Tutoring Service Helps D228 Students With 24/7 Assistance

Students in Bremen High School District 228 have utilized Paper.Co, an online tutoring service that provides 24/7 service, nearly 11,000 times during the 2021-22 school year.

Paper.Co is an online service providing high-dosage tutoring to students 24/7.  They provide one-on-one tutoring in every grade level and content area, and students can receive tutoring in Spanish, French and Mandarin.  Students can receive Live Help, which means that they would work directly with a tutor through a chat messenger.  The student can also submit writing samples to Paper.Co and receive very detailed feedback about their writing.  This is called Essay Review.

All students have access to the service, which has been made possible by the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief (ESSER) Fund. The ESSER fund was created to assist local education agencies with access to subgrants that can address the impacts COVID-19 has had on students, educators and families.

Dr. Corinne Williams, Assistant Superintendent for Teaching and Learning says that while there is a fee for Paper.Co, the district has been able to leverage its ESSER funds to cover the cost, which is about $30-$40 per student for 12 months of tutoring. District 228 families don’t have to pay a penny for the service. 

District 228 began implementing Paper.Co at the start of the school year in an effort to accelerate learning for students, following the pandemic and remote/hybrid learning. 

“We wanted teachers to have access to an ‘extra set of teaching hands.’  Because Paper.Co is available 24/7, teachers can have students access additional support during class time,” Williams said. “Math teachers, in particular, found this very helpful, especially at the start of the school year.  Our staff has been working very hard to re-engage students after COVID and keep their learning moving forward.  While we have tutors available to students during study halls, it has been difficult to fill all the positions this year.  Paper.Co has helped to fill these voids.”

According to Paper.Co, if a student uses the service at least four times, they are more than likely going to come back for additional support. D228 set a goal for 40% usage by the end of the first semester, and when that time was reached, metrics showed the district exceeded its expectations, as at least 44% of the district used the service at least once. 

In the 2021-22 school year, the Paper.Co tutoring service was used a total of 10,613 times across the district. Activities per student averaged out to 2.08. 

“I have been very impressed with Paper.Co as a company.  Their tutors interact with our students in a very professional manner and are genuinely interested in helping the students learn.  I have seen some students on the platform for 5 or 6 hours at a time working through an assignment,” Williams said. “The support we receive from the Paper.Co leaders has been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals.  They provide promotional materials to spread the word about Paper.Co, tools for teachers to help with implementation, professional development, and data about student/teacher usage.  It has been a terrific partnership.”