Hillcrest High School Hosts Book Tasting Event

Hillcrest High School Hosts Book Tasting Event
The library staff at Hillcrest High School recently partnered with the Culinary Club to host a book tasting event.

Librarians offered 20 books from four different genres which included relationships, resilience, science fiction & fantasy, and horror. Students "taste-tested" a few pages and ate snacks provided by the Culinary Club.

Snacks were paired to accompany the themes of the various genres of books. For example, horror was paired with the bitter-tasting of a dark chocolate-covered strawberry. And the relationship category was paired with the sweet-tasting of rice crispy treats.

"The goal of the book tasting was to have students try new books that may be unfamiliar to them," said Hillcrest Library Media Specialist Christine Case.

As a result of the event, every student in attendance felt empowered to check out and try a new book.

This Hillcrest High School library regularly plans after-school opportunities, programs, and events for students.

Recently, the library received a $1,500 grant from the Association of Illinois School Library Educators (AISLE). The staff said they will use the grant money to buy graphic novels and Manga, as well as put on a Con for students and the community in the Spring.