Hillcrest Art & Design Students Excel at AP

Hillcrest Art & Design Students Excel at AP Exam with High Scores
When thinking about AP tests and scores, society typically doesn't think of testing when it comes to art. However, AP Art & Design (formerly AP Studio Art) students across the globe practice their skills all year long similarly to AP math, history, and English students. However, instead of sitting down to take an exam, these students submit their portfolios for review at the end of the year. While building these portfolios, students focus on making art that shows growth in a specific concentration. These concentrations include drawing, 2-dimensional design, and 3-dimensional design.

After picking a concentration, students narrow their focus even further by creating art the consistently demonstrates growth of a technique or a theme.

While this may seem like a hard task to many, students at Hillcrest High School were up to the challenge. In fact, eight out of the eleven students who took the "exam" passed and will receive college credit. If students wish to pass the AP Art & Design exam, they must score a 3 or higher. At Hillcrest High School, five students scored a 3, two students scored a 4, and one student scored a 5, which only 21% of students across the globe can say they've achieved.

Congratulations to…

Jennifer Soto - 5

Nia Brown (Jai Flowers) – 4

Jayson Coley – 4

Imani Evans – 3

Jovencio Daguio – 3

Kayanna McKinney – 3

Kayla Wright – 3

Jenny Soto – 3

Out of the 38,302 students globally who submitted their portfolios for the 2018-2019 school year, only 34 percent can say they scored a 3, 31 percent can say they scored a 4, and 21 percent can say they scored a 5. This moment is especially historical at Hillcrest High School as the school has never had a student score a 5 on the AP Art & Design exam. This makes Jennifer Soto the first Hillcrest High School student to score a 5.

Hillcrest High School and District 228 are tremendously proud of its students and look forward to seeing how AP Art & Designs students will score on their portfolios in the upcoming 2019-2020 school year.