Bremen High School Welcomes Parents

Bremen High School Welcomes Parents

In an effort to address parent concerns, maintain relationships, and keep parents connected to their children's education, Bremen High School has created a program called the Braves Caravan. Through the program, parents are welcomed and encouraged to visit the school for regularly scheduled meetings. These meetings generally last for one and a half hours (10 am to 11:30 am) and discuss a wide range of topics such as resources available to students, upcoming events, and how parents can best use tools such as the school's parent portal or accessing their child's grades online.

At a recent Braves Caravan in September, administration spoke about the school's goals for the year and lead parents on a tour of the new field house and fitness center. Parents are also encouraged to voice concerns and ask questions at the meeting. Nearly all of Bremen High School's administration team is in attendance and makes themselves available to parents as a resource during the Caravan.

"How often do parents get to see their children's school in action?" Asks Bremen High School Principal, Dr. Dave Kibelkis. "Most people remember high school based on their own experiences and memories. This program can change perspectives and allow parents to see the high school first hand and how it runs daily."

This is Bremen's fourth year hosting the Braves Caravan. The school has regularly seen attendance rates for the program increase each year.

Caravan dates scheduled for the duration of the 2019-2020 school year are November 20, February 12, and April 29.