Bremen HS Collects Items For Students In Kenya

Bremen HS Collects Items For Students In Kenya
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Over a two-week span, from April 12-April 23, the Bremen High School Circle Book Club held a donation drive at the school. They asked for students, staff, and community members to donate books, notebooks, pens, pencils, folders, and paper for primary school students at Mwiki Primary School in Kenya.

Mrs. Andrea Ignelzi who is a Special Education Teacher at Bremen and the sponsor of the Circle Book Club, worked with students to set up the donation program after speaking with Pastor Samuel Mburu who runs the Mwiki Primary School. Several years ago, the Circle Book Club donated 200 novels to Pastor Mburu when he operated a women's school.

"We are continuing our support of his efforts to educate students and to prepare them to be successful adults," says Ignelzi.
The Mwiki Primary School enrolls 4000 students annually, many of whom have difficulty obtaining basic school supplies. Furthermore, the school does not have a library.

Through the donation program, the club was able to collect 200 books, 200 notebooks, 50 folders, thousands of loose-leaf paper sheets, and thousands of pens and pencils. They will also include hundreds of unused Bremen t-shirts from past fundraising events. These shirts were donated by Bremen Business Teacher and DECA sponsor, Mr. Todd Strein.

The club reached out to Pastor Mburu to notify him of the donations en route to his school. He responded with thanks and said, "Wow, this is great. It is a real act of mercy and love. My pupils will be very happy. God bless you and the entire Circle Book Club."