Special Education

The Special Education Department is purposed to meet the needs of students identified as eligible for special education services. While the general nature and content of the curriculum is designed to conform with the graduation requirements of Bremen District 228, the specific levels of instruction, materials, and strategies are selected to meet the individual learner's needs, consistent with his/her Individualized Education Plan (IEP). Whenever appropriate to the learner's needs, he/she is enrolled in general education rather than special education courses. During the Junior and Senior year, considerable emphasis is placed upon developing an appropriate, post-secondary plan for each special education student.

The special education program provides a wide range of related services to support the learner (e.g., speech-language, occupational and/or physical therapy, social work, psychological services, counseling and health services). Innovative approaches are incorporated in a structured, positive environment to support each student in meeting his or her Individual Education Plan (IEP) goals and objectives. District 228 provides a full continuum of services ranging from consultation to placement in residential settings. Approximately 1000 special education students are served in more than 20 locations throughout the State of Illinois. However, the vast majority of special needs students are provided the required services within the same school as their typically developing peers.

If you have an inquiry regarding Special Education Services please do not hesitate to contact the Special Education Department:

Dr. Lisa Giglio Byczek, Director of Special Education
(708) 389-1175, ext. 8450
[email protected]

Mr. Tyler Teaney, Special Education Coordinator for Curriculum & Instructional Support

(708) 532-1900 ext. 8245
[email protected]

Mrs. Jacki Frederking, Special Education Coordinator (Hillcrest & Bremen)

(708) 799-7000 ext. 4845
[email protected]

Mrs. Kelly Eastman, Special Education Coordinator (Oak Forest & Tinley Park)

(708) 687-0500 ext. 8345
[email protected]