Enrollment Information

Where do I register my student?

Student Registration Portal in English -
Click Here

Student Registration Portal in Spanish - Click Here

Registration fees?

Registration fees are $300 + a mandatory $75 technology fee. A breakdown of these fees can be see in the student handbook starting on page 4. Click here to view. 

How do I pay registration fees online?
Click here. 

What documents do I need to provide to enroll my incoming freshman?

-Birth certificate of student
-Current mortgage statement
-Property tax statement or lease 
-Two current utility bills
-Driver's License, State ID, or Consulate Card (Please note that TVDL IDs are not accepted)

COVID-19 & In-Person Registration?

Due to COVID-19, our schools are working hard to keep buildings clean and limit visitors. If possible, please send paperwork virtually through email. 

Bremen High School - bhregistration@bhsd228.com
Tinley Park High School - tpregistration@bhsd228.com
Hillcrest High School - hcregistration@bhsd228.com
Oak Forest HIgh School - ofregistration@bhsd228.com

If unable to submit paperwork virtually, please visit our schools Monday through Friday between 7:30am - 4:00pm. Please note that masks are required to enter all of our District 228 buildings.