Personnel & Student Services

The mission of District 228 student services is to promote students' success in the learning process and to guide and encourage adolescents to set and achieve academic, personal, and career goals as part of a process that will enable them to live a productive, fulfilling life in which they make positive contributions to a diverse society. The student services staff is committed to providing services that enable students to develop skills to achieve school and life success. We value the uniqueness of all young adults and believe that all students can succeed. As professionals, we feel it is our responsibility to provide an environment that fosters these beliefs. The goal of student services is to support student academic achievement, career development, and social/ emotional development.

Students will understand what academic skills are necessary to be a successful learner.
Students will understand what academic resources are available and the process to utilize them effectively.
Students will understand the specific academic preparation necessary to assure a variety of post-secondary options.

Students will understand what factors to consider in selecting a career/college.
Students will understand the process necessary to make informed decisions.
Students will understand how to accomplish the necessary steps to attain their career/college goals.

Social Emotional
Students will understand how self-awareness and self-management contribute to school and life success.
Students will understand how social awareness and interpersonal skills help them to establish and maintain relationships.
Students will understand how to apply decision-making skills and exhibit responsible behaviors.

Dr. Daniel Goggins, Assistant Superintendent
(708) 389-1175, ext. 8424
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