Fine and Performing Arts Department

Fine arts is a basic human need that allows us to celebrate and preserve our cultural heritage and to explore the realms of expression, imagination, and creation, resulting in new knowledge. Therefore, every individual should be guaranteed the opportunity to study fine arts and to share in fine arts experiences.

The creative skills students develop through participation in the arts strengthen and enhance their preparation for living, learning and working in a changing world. Music, technology, and visual arts programs open children to new ideas, new experiences, new challenges, and instill the habits of mind that last a lifetime.

The Fine Arts Department provides opportunities that enrich the lives of Bremen High School District 228 students. A growing body of research continues to demonstrate the positive impact of the arts on the social and intellectual development of children. It is the goal of the Fine Arts Department to expose students to educational experiences which will develop perceptual abilities that extend to all careers and areas of life.

Our department provides arts education which enables students to develop an appreciation of the arts, critical and creative thinking skills, initiative, positive self-esteem, and discipline. The Fine Arts Department has, and will continue to provide courses and programs that educate all students so they can experience, perform, produce and appreciate the arts.

Department Supervisor: Jennifer Reid
[email protected]

Administrative Assistant: Joann Visser
[email protected]