District 228 Hosts Art Symposium

District 228 Hosts Art Symposium

By: Cody Mroczka, Tinley Junction
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Tinley Park High School’s library was temporarily transformed into a student art gallery where presentations and subsequent critiques were not only encouraged, but required. 

Bremen High School District 228 hosted its second AP Studio Art Symposium on Nov. 21. Students from all four high school gathered for a morning of gallery walks and general feedback sessions followed by individualized group critiques led by the district’s art teachers. 

Fine and Performing Arts Department Supervisor Jennifer Reid said the opportunity allows for students to gain fresh perspectives and insights from students whom they normally wouldn’t interact with. 

“I wanted to find a way to make this experience unified,” Reid said. “This never happens (getting all the schools together). The feedback we got last year was ‘we want to do this again.’” 

Lauren Berry, a senior at Tinley Park High School, said although creating art is more of a hobby, she could see herself taking art courses in college, thanks to the experience she’s picked up in her four years at TPHS. The symposium is a way for her to share some of her personal pieces with people she doesn’t know for some honest critiques. 

“It can be nerve-wracking,” she said of the feedback sessions. “It’s not like people you know. But it’s really helpful. There’s so much different feedback from different people.” 

Bremen High School senior Heather Janisse agreed that the symposium setup is much different than receiving feedback just from classmates in her art class and lends itself as a time to meet new friends and discuss creative approaches. 

“I tend to focus on realism,” Janisse said. “I like to focus on the giving feedback part, because I like talking about artwork. It’s hard to explain, but I could pick meaning out of it.”