College and Career Ready Math

Beginning in 2019-2020, BHSD 228 senior students will have another exciting option for their fourth-year math class: College and Career Ready Math.  This course is designed to transition students directly into college and career ready pathways.  The course will provide authentic application, problem-based instruction to build mathematical conceptual understanding and critical thinking skills.  Any student that completes this course with a grade of "C" or higher will receive guaranteed placement at all Illinois community colleges and select universities in a college-level mathematics course within 18 months of graduation, without needing to take a placement exam.

Who should consider taking this course?  The flowchart below is a great starting point for current juniors at the end of 1st semester to determine if they are a targeted candidate for this Transitional Math (TM) course we are offering.  Students are not mandated to take TM; however, are highly encouraged to consider this viable option.

If you have any further questions whether you should consider College and Career Ready Math (Transitional Math) for your senior year course, contact Mrs. Amy DiForti ([email protected]).