D228 PE Classes Stay Motivated

D228 PE Classes Stay Motivated
While Bremen High School District 228, like many schools, has started integrating students back into its buildings, learning from home is still a regular occurrence for students. While remote learning has worn many down, District 228 students, families, and staff have tried to make the best of the situation in their own unique ways. While many people might think that remote learning would take its greatest toll on physical education classes, District 228 teachers have implemented a variety of new activities and lessons to keep students engaged.

One thing that Cassie Gaines, a physical education teacher at Bremen and Tinley Park High Schools has decided to put an extra focus on is nutrition. She says, "I love that I can talk about nutrition so much. I'll never have an opportunity like this where students are in their own kitchens!"

Gaines gives her students ingredients to purchase when she goes to Aldi and videotapes her shopping experiences. Then, later in the week, the students make the nutritious snacks together. So far, they've made protein bars, salsa, healthy toast, smoothies, and kale chips.

Heather Manzke who teaches physical education at Oak Forest High School has also taken an additional focus on nutrition. Their class also discussed how to make protein bars. Manzke even went as far as to make additional bars for her students and then distribute them at school.

At home workouts have also been a regular part of physical education courses. Students have frequently been seen encouraging their family to workout with them.

One student at Hillcrest High School emailed her teacher, Mrs. Amy Trench, saying her little brother who struggles with cerebral palsy was really enjoying her class. The student wrote, "I wanted to tell you how active you have my brother every morning. He always talks about your class and you've became his favorite really fast."

Additional benefits of learning physical education from home? Getting to learn and exercise outside of the gymnasium or fitness center.

For example, Alexys Dowling a junior from Oak Forest High School, shared a photo of her workout with her brother. They went to Swallow Cliff in Palos Hills and climbed the stairs twice. Using a fitness app called Map My Run, Dowling then sent her progress to Oak Forest High School physical education teacher, Stacy Faulkner.

Siblings aren't the only ones getting involved in workouts either. Students across the district have submitted photos and videos working out with their pets and parents too.

While everyone surely wants to return to their normal routines and lifestyles, the district is proud and happy to see that students are still finding a way to make the most out of their education and stay motived.