The health and safety of our students and staff continue to be our highest priority at District 228. Please understand that information is rapidly changing and we are doing our best to keep you informed in regards to COVID-19. Additional updates and information from our district will continue to be shared via phone and email with our parents, staff, and students, on our website, and on social media.

Please click the links below to review updates: 

-February 27th COVID-19 Update
-March 12th COVID-19 Update
-March 13th COVID-19 Update
-COVID-19 Update (March 13th, 4:00pm) + Student Guidance Document
-March 16th COVID-19 Update
-Spring Break Communication, March 20th
-March 23rd COVID-19 Update
-March 28th COVID-19 Update
-March 30th COVID-19 Update
-March 31st COVID-19 Update
-April 1st COVID-19 Update + FAQ Sheet
-April 5th COVID-19 Update
-COVID-19 Resources from D228's Social Workers
-Remote Learning Grading Misconceptions
-April 17th COVID-19 Update
-April 21st COVID-19 Update
-Updated Summer Behind the Wheel Information
-May 5th COVID-19 Update
-Important Dates for Senior Students

In Spanish:
-Comunicación del 13 de marzo + Documento guía
-Comunicación del 16 de marzo
-Comunicación del 20 de marzo
-Comunicación del 23 de marzo
-Comunicación del 28 de marzo
-Comunicación del 30 de marzo
-Comunicación del 31 de marzo
-Comunicación del 1 de abril + Preguntas y Respuestas 
-Recursos españoles operativos durante los cierres de escuelas de Covid-19
-Comunicación del 17 de abril
-Comunicación del 5 de mayo

Comunicación del 28 de marzo
Comunicación del 28 de marzo
Comunicación del 31 de marzo
Comunicación del 31 de marzo
comunicación del 1 de abril
comunicación del 1 de abril