Parent/Student Information

Bremen High School District 228 Science Department continues to revise curricular material in alignment with The Next Generation Science Standards.  Each year new textbooks, eTexts and supplemental materials are adopted to provide further resources and support for our courses.

*2018-2019 Freshman year: Integrated Physics and Honors Physics First, "Hewitt, Conceptual Physics"
*2019-2020 Sophomore year: Chemistry and Honors Chemistry, "Pearson Chemistry"
*2020-2021 Junior year: Biology and Honors Biology, "Miller and Levine Biology" and Honors/Human Anatomy and Physiology, "Medical Terminology", "Hole's Anatomy" 
Students have access to electronic versions of the resources for the courses they are enrolled in.
EL and diverse learner supports are provided through these publications

Also provided for students in the science department:
Explore learning  Gizmos- lab simulation that can virtually allow students to obtain further knowledge and concept development within different disciplines of science