Driver's Education

The next available behind-the-wheel session is slated for June 2021.  Registration for the summer of 2021 will open in February, 2021.

What about permits?
Students who register to drive in the summer of 2021 will complete the required process to obtain their permits in February/March of 2021. Students who do not register to complete the summer driving course are not eligible to get their learner's permit.

Summer Driving Calendars
-Sessions A & B

On June 4, the Illinois Department of Public Health (IDPH) added additional guidelines for Behind the Wheel programming which include:

•Only two students and one instructor will be allowed per vehicle.

•Face coverings must be worn, unless medically contraindicated. Students will be given a mask and should bring it every day. Students who do not bring their mask, will not be able to drive. Students should ensure that their mask is frequently cleaned at home.

•No eating or drinking will be allowed in the vehicle.

•Vehicle windows should be opened as frequently as possible.

•No stops will be made during the training that are not applicable to driver’s education to reduce the amount of time in the vehicle.

•Hand hygiene with soap and water or hand sanitizer should be conducted before and after driving. Hand sanitizer will also be placed in each vehicle.

•The steering wheel, door handles, seatbelt fastener, controls/dials that the driver would come in contact with, keys, etc. will be cleaned and disinfected in between each behind-the-wheel session.

•Regular and routine disinfection of vehicle seats will also take place.

•Students should stay at home if they are not feeling well and communicate with their instructor; there will be an opportunity to make up the drive. All students and staff will have their temperature taken upon arriving at the school.  Students with a temperature of 100.4 degrees or higher will be sent home.  

Bremen - 708-396-8123
Hillcrest - 708-647-4823
Oak Forest - 708-342-8323
Tinley Park - 708-342-8223

Additional Documents & Info.
Illinois Secretary of State Resources
Behind the Wheel Driving Log
How To Register Guide

  • Registration for DE classroom will only be done over the phone by calling 708.647.4831.